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Herring in Cream Sauce

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Herring in Cream Sauce

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Herring in cream sauce is a hand-packed tasty treat, made only with pure Wisconsin dairy sour cream, fresh cut onions, and seasonings. The Bay View Packing Company Herring is the finest imported herring in the world. They are harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic, which produces a firm but delicate filet.

BEST PRACTICES FOR HANDLING HERRING PRODUCTS TO INSURE SHELF LIFE AND MAINTAIN QUALITY OF PRODUCT - 1) Proper temperature control is critical to maintaining quality of herring. Keep between 33-40 F. 2) Herring is a ready to eat product. It has been cold cured. Do not cook or heat. 3) Product cannot be heated, thawed, or microwaved. 4) Do not freeze. 5) Do not let product sit out. Sitting at room temperature will soften fish and effect quality. 6) Be sure to rotate product. Time, temperature, and light destroy the quality of herring. (soft fish). 7) Do not mix or over stir herring products. 8) Keep proper brine level. Fish should be covered completely by brine. Excess brine should be poured off, you want fish packed tight with brine a couple inches over the top.

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  1. Best creamed herring ever! Review by Hank

    Over the years, I have tried at least half of dozen brands of creamed herring for the boys at our annual deer camp fish fry. Believe it or not, the boys are picky eaters who are very critical. Ever since I brought the Bay View creamed herring, I am the hero. No complaints, only praise. Tender, fresh herring in real sour cream can not be beat. (Posted on 10/18/17)

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